THINK OUT OF THE TEXT#typolash Is The Art & Technique of Arranging Type and Image to Make Written Language, Readable, and Appealing When Displayed. It is an Art or Procedure of Arranging Type or Processing Image & Printing From It.
A typo/text is a se­quence of words. A text stays the same no mat­ter how it’s ren­dered. Con­sider the sen­tence “I Love Guitar.” I can print that text on a piece of pa­per, or read it aloud, or save it in a file on my lap­top. It’ll be the same text, just ren­dered dif­fer­ent ways—vi­su­ally, au­di­bly, digitally. But when “I Love Guitar” is printed, ty­polash gets in­volved.  All vi­su­ally dis­played text in­volves ty­polash—whether it’s on pa­per, a com­puter screen, or a billboard.